Extreme Shredder VIP - Just press play and work out with me!

Extreme Shredder VIP is YOU and ME training every rep & every set together. I will not be leaving your side in these 20 minute long body sculpting and fat loss workouts. Just press play Shredders, it’s as simple as that.

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Extreme Shredder VIP is YOU and ME training every rep, every set together. Do it anytime, anywhere, I won't be leaving your side!

These 20 minute long fat loss & body sculpting workouts are available to be streamed live into your living room and performed just by pressing play! No more stop start exercise libraries, no more having to remember what’s next and how to do it, no more carrying a smart phone or paper program around. You will be with me the entire time. Your very own one on one session where you will learn to work at the right intensity and ensure you are doing every exercise correctly with me.

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Booty Building Fat Loss Workout 1

Designed to change the shape of your booty & burn fat at the same time, this 20 minute workout is one of my favourites. You will need a step, 5kg hand weight & a 10kg weight to complete this workout. Good luck!

My Extreme Shredder training systems have helped thousands of people get into shape. And my goal is that these new Extreme Shredder VIP workouts to music become fun and seriously addictive which will take your training and physique to the next level. Here’s what you get;

Before-and-after 'A'
Before-and-after 'B'
Before-and-after 'C'

What's included?

  • Every 28 Days or 4 weeks, 4 brand NEW VIP 20 minute choreographed workouts to music based on my Extreme Shredder body sculpting & fat loss principles
  • Every 28 Days or 4 weeks, NEW structured training schedules to keep things fresh, make sure your hitting the right volumes of training weekly & keep your booty and your body guessing
  • FREE, lifelong access to my existing Extreme Shredder & Extreme Shredder PRO systems worth over $180.00, giving you access to:
    Program workbook covers
    • · Meal plans
    • · Supplement protocols
    • · Fat loss recipes
    • · Forum access, for any dietary or training questions you have along the way.
  • Fat loss workouts to shape the booty, lean out the legs, sculpt the arms/abs and tone the back and shoulders..
  • Access to original music written especially for my Extreme Shredder VIP members
  • No more smart phones or paper programs, stream it live to your living room!
  • Minimal to NO equipment required

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1 years worth of training

48 workouts

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